KOR Whitening Systems

We are now offer  KOR whitening products.    These products have been shown to be the most effective way to whiten your teeth.      KOR At Home Whitening has been shown to give very predictable and effective whitening that is long lasting.    Custom trays are worn at night for up to 2 weeks.  The KOR Deep Whitening method uses the custom trays for two weeks and is followed by in office whitening sessions for patients with more challenging whitening problems, such as tetracycline staining.      In the past,  whitening was not effective for teeth with intrinsic stain, such as tetracycline, so this is good news for many people!

Products for Dry Mouth

 Dry mouth is common, especially for our older patients.  There are many reasons for dry mouth.  The problem is not only uncomfortable for patients, but a significant cause of tooth decay  on the tooth and on the root surfaces.     Biotene Rinse and XyloDent Chewing Gum can be found at many drugstores.   We also now have several products available to help our patients with dry mouth syndrome.     Products include mints, toothpastes, and gums to stimulate saliva production.    Ask us for details.

You Have the Power-Prevent Blood Sugar and Heart Problems

 You can brush and floss away blood sugar problems!   You may have heard that gum disease (which is a bacterial infection) can speed up body wide inflammation and cause damage to the heart.      Did you know that the bacteria growing below your gums can also raise your risk of type 2 diabetes?  The inflammation caused by the bacteria associated with gum disease interferes with the body’s ability to use blood sugar—raising glucose levels.   Plus, if you are already diabetic, gum disease makes it more difficult to get your blood sugar down to normal limits, thus increasing your risk for complications like atherosclerosis and nerve damage.     So……Say YES to the brush, the floss, and the six months visits!

 MediCare Dental Insurance

 We are often asked if MediCare covers routine dental care and the answer is no—It may pay for extractions in preparation for a medical procedure, but it will not pay for any follow up care after the health condition has been treated.   However, there  are MediCare Advantage Plans which may offer extra coverage for dental procedures.     These  stand alone plans often have limited benefits and waiting periods, so be sure to read the fine print before you sign up!