Dental insurance has helped many people obtain dental treatment.   Please remember that dental insurance is NOT the same as medical insurance.   Please note that our fees are the same for ALL of our patients, regardless of insurance coverage.   Dental insurance is limited and designed to pay for only a part of your treatment.  All dental insurance plans have limits, exclusions, and deductibles, so please be familiar with your plan.    A dental office may chose to accept payments from the insurance company, but please be aware that ultimately the financial obligation rests solely with the patient and not an insurance company.    

We will make every effort to help you maximize your benefits.  We can file your claims for you as well as pretreatment estimates which can help give an accurate idea of your benefits. 

One question that we are often asked–Does Medicare pay for dental treatment?    Medicare does NOT pay for dental care needed primarily for the health of the teeth.     For more information refer to our News You Can Use section.


It is our belief that all patients deserve the best dental care available.  We also realize that financial matters are a major concern for our patients.   Therefore, to prevent any misunderstandings, we will give you a written estimate of your treatment fees in advance.   Our office currently accepts the following types of payments: Cash, Checks, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover, and CareCredit.


We offer 6, 12 month interest free financing with Carecredit. Please contact our office for an application.